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Justice Into Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

5-Hour JEDI Courses

Imagine a workplace where the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion ignites trust and collaboration instead of shame and division. This course takes a relational and human centered approach to DEI in the workplace.


📖 Part 1: Self-Paced Learning 📖 Dive into a world of self-paced learning with in-depth videos, evidence-based material, case studies and more. Topics include: Psychological Safety and the DEI framework, the three traits in identity development, and the core communication skills in relationship development. 

💬 Part 2: Live Facilitated Group Sessions 💬 Participate in engaging live sessions designed to build confidence and communication skills.


🚀 Onboarding Excellence: Enhance your organization’s onboarding process, saving time and resources while ensuring new hires are job-ready from day one.

📈 Productivity Boost: Improve employee productivity by 10%-15% through skill enhancement and better decision-making.

💬 Shame-Free Learning: Say goodbye to divisive language as our program fosters four levels of psychological safety.

📚 Expert Guidance: Learn from seasoned, multidisciplinary facilitators who rely on the latest evidence-based research.

Convenience: These short workshops fit seamlessly into your busy schedule. You can enhance your communication skills and organizational practices without the need for long-term commitments.

👥 Interactive Group Sessions: Join live, facilitated group discussions to develop practical communication skills, build trust, and gain confidence.

Why Choose Our JEDI Course

01/ Benefit

Join countless individuals who, like you want a better DEI learning and training experience that makes connections and not divisions. They've embarked on this transformative journey, leaving with heightened self-awareness, self acceptance, and practical communication skills that foster an inclusive and supportive environment.


Our Course is designed to be bite size learning and training, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free learning experience for those who value efficiency. We prioritize communication, ensuring it's a safe place for those who truly desire an impactful DEI learning experience.


Expect not only personal growth but also a profound impact on your workplace. Become an agent of positive change today alongside others who share your commitment to meaningful DEI progress. If you have concerns or doubts about the course, we're here to address them. Our approach is de-woke, emphasizing unity and empathy over decisive tactics.

Transform Your Life and Workspace

Join us on this enlightening journey towards becoming an agent of positive change in your life and workspace. Embrace the Power of Difference and Inclusion with JEDI and acheive the DEI journey you’ve always desired

What Clients are Saying

“I found the live meeting scenario and the idea of working at a place where everyone feels comfortable to state their own opinion, most Impactful”.

“Hearing co workers thoughts and feelings, different ways to approach hard situations, was really Impactful”.

“Through this program, I have come to realize the importance of being self aware, to listen more intently and stand for myself”.

embark on this transformative journey

Enroll now and be part of the movement towards a healthier, happier, and more inclusive workplace.Start building bridges, fostering unity, and promoting empathy today alongside like-minded individuals who share your passion for impactful DEI progress.
Let’s transform lives and workplaces together. Embrace JEDI and experience lasting results.

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